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A Seabase is your own in Game Habitat. You can come back here to get your life supplement needs fulfilled. This is the Batcave to your Batman.

The Subnautica Seabase is the place where the player returns when he dies during any exploration. Also, You need a space to grow food, and only 28 storage spaces (available in LifePod 5) Well the alternative is to fabricate waterproof lockers but they use 4X Titanium which is not easily found.

subnautica seabase material

And one thing about Waterproof Lockers is they have to be deployed in the water for you to use them. So, it is better to construct a Seabase as you will need it anyway in the future.

A word of Warning: This article walkthrough can only be executed or understood if you have a Habitat Builder.

Build Your First Seabase 

Initially, there are some things that you should check in hindsight before building your Seabase. First of all it has to be in close proximity to your LifePod so you can readily fabricate things and no extra time is lost.

Secondly, You got to have a Habitat Builder to construct your Seabase. Now with the formalities are done let’s continue building our base.

How to Collected Seabase Materials & Construction Steps

If you follow the steps below, you will easily build your first Subnautica Seabase. We provide detailed information about Seabase comprising materials, building, maps, and much more.

  • Equip the habitat builder and activate it (RHS Button for mouse and accordingly for controllers). The click will open a tabled menu.
  • Click on the tab “Base Pieces’. We have to be economical at the start so we will choose a modest Basepiece costing only 2X Titanium which is the I-Compartment.

seabase 2X Titanium

  • Select a suitable location to mount it. When mounting it on land the Hull Integrity is not an issue but when on the seabed you have to check that. Build it at a greater depth for good Hull Integrity. You can preview the location by {“ ,“} buttons.

Fabricate Seabase

  • Now the skeleton is ready. All you need now are doors to get in and out of the base. You need to build a Hatch now. A hatch provides an entrance point to your Habitat (i.e. Your Seabase). To fabricate the hatch, you need 2X Titanium and in addition 1X Quartz. The hatch can be placed at any end of the compartment.

Seabase Habitat Builder

Seabase Habitat Builder 1

Seabase Habitat Builder 2

Seabase Habitat Builder 3

  • The skeleton has now got a face. Upon entering the base, you will notice that there is no power source and it is completely dark and not to mention that it will be full of water instead of oxygen (Air).

Seabase Oxygen Production

  • Now the only Power source that is available to us is the Solar panels and as the base is small a single panel will comply with all the needs. The solar panel can be found in the Exterior Modules Tab (the same right-click). As soon as you attach (fabricate) the solar panels a popup showing restoration of power will be shown on your screen.

Seabase Solar Panel

Solar Panel Seabase

Solar Panel Seabase 1

Solar Panel Seabase 2

  • Your seabase is ready to go. But as you have just built it won’t have any appliances equipped. So, the next task is to install the required equipment.
  • You can start attaching Wall lockers, Fabricators, Medical Kit Fabricators, Radio (in total 6 items). For starters let’s start with the wall lockers as they require minimum materials (2X Titanium). An I-Compartment has the capacity to house 12 wall lockers.

Wall lockers Seabase

Seabase Medical Kit Fabricators


seabase X Compartment

  • But you don’t need that many for now. And there is one more reason why you should not install that many. It is pretty handy to install a radio and a fabricator at your seabase.

Seabase build Radio

  • Now as you have attached this many things in your base it is pretty sure that it will be cramped to the limits.
  • As the seabase is modular that is they come in compartments you can easily expand them by attaching more components. So now you can add another I compartment or any other compartment of your choice.

Seabase build 1

  • If you have any difficulty adding the new compartment it will be probably because you have added much more in your initial compartments that it is not allowing the leeway for the new compartment to be added.

Seabase Construct Wall Lockers

  • So, what you can do is deconstruct some equipment and then add your new compartment (Add an X-compartment it’s pretty cool as it allows a 4 directional hallway). Additionally adding an X-compartment gives you room to expand your base in all 4 directions.

Seabase X Compartment

Seabase X Compartment 1

Seabase X Compartment 3

Seabase X Compartment 4

  • Now if you don’t have enough materials to place your equipment’s you can create their holographic images so you know what goes where and you don’t have to plan things again when you get the materials.

I hope this article helped you. If you have any queries regarding the controls or instructions feel free to write in the comments section below. Happy to help. Cheers

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