Subnautica PRAWN Suit Location, Drill Arm, Parts And Depth Module

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P.R.A.W.N stands for Pressure Reactive Armored Waterproof Nano Suit. The suit is a bipedal mechanized armor designed for walking in the deep trenches and exploring terrains that your Seamoth cannot scout.

A Plasteel cover shields the player and the limbs provide the necessary movement for the player to break through rocks and bones. The top speed of the suit is 14mph (24kmph).

In this article, we have covered PRAWN Suit Location, Drill Arm, Different Parts Location, Depth Module, and More.

PRAWN Suite: Ingredients List

In order to fabricate the PRAWN suit you need to collect the PRAWN blueprints which you would have obtained by exploring the debris of Aurora. Prawn suit also requires items that are only found after you have located Life pod 19 and its surroundings.

Following is the list of items that are required for the fabrication of the PRAWN Suit.

  • 2x Plasteel Ingot
  • 2x Aerogel
  • 1x Enameled Glass
  • 2x Diamond
  • 2x Lead

Subnautica PEAWN Ingredients

How To Obtain PRAWN Suit Items

Now first of all we need to obtain the blueprints for the Prawnsuit and the place we will obtain them is the Prawn bay. There are four wrecked prawn suits in the aurora’s vehicle bay. Each wrecked suit amounts to one-fourth of the blueprint. One thing to note is that you can find various wrecks outside of the aurora but they will not be enough as those fragments will only amount to a mere 5%.

Obtain PRAWN Suit

Obtaining Plasteel Ingots

You won’t directly get Plasteel, Hence it has to be fabricated. Plasteel ingots are fabricated by combining Titanium ingot and lithium. The Titanium ingots are to be fabricated as they won’t be available naturally. They are obtained by combining 10X Titanium.

PRAWN Plasteel Ingots

Well if you haven’t read the article on the Seamoth you won’t have a better idea on Titanium ingots so here’s a brief on that.  The easiest way to get Titanium is by collecting Metal Salvage in shallow areas.

PRAWN Titanium ingots

To get Lithium you have to scout out the  Mountain Island.

Now gather these materials and head to the fabricator to get the Plasteel ingots ready.

Plasteel ingots ready


Now someone who has started playing the game on their own would probably have a hard time obtaining this. This is due to the reason that Aerogel is made from Rubies which is one of the rarest indigenous items in the game.

PRAWN Aerogel

Find Rubies

Now Rubies can be found on our exploration trip to the LifePod 19. This is the way that players who are at the early stages of the game find Rubies.

PRAWN Rubies

Find Gel Sacks

The second item required in Aerogel is Gel and it is obtained from Farm Gel sacks. These are also found on our trip to LifePod 19 and one was quite near the LifePod and the good thing about them is that you need to collect only one Gel Sack and once you farm them in an exterior Grow bed. Strike the sack (With the survival knife) once and it will produce one seed but don’t strike it thrice as it will destroy the sack.

PRAWN Gel Sacks

Collect them and fabricate the Aerogel. Each Aerogel Requires one Gelsack and one Ruby.

PRAWN Farming GelSacks

Obtaining Lead and Diamonds

Lead is obtained by breaking the Sandstone Outcrops. This Outcrops can be found easily in the Kelp Forest and the Grassy Plateau Biomes.

PRAWN suit Lead

Similar to the Sandstone Outcrops we have the Shale Outcrops, which on breaking give diamonds.

PRAWN suit Diamonds

Fabricating Enameled Glass

You need to have a stalker tooth to fabricate the enameled glass. And if you have read “How to get a stalker’s tooth’ you already have that.

PRAWN Fabricate Enameled Glass

To make one enameled glass you require 1x Glass and 1x Stalker tooth. It is advised not to fabricate more than 3 enameled glass as it is very unlikely that you’ll have any use of that. (1 stalker tooth is required in your Prawn suit and 1 in your Vehicle Modification Centre).

PRAWN Enameled Glass Ready

Now you have acquired all the required ingredients so let’s fabricate the Prawnyyyy.

Fabricating the PRAWN Suit

You need to swim up to the surface in your Mobile Vehicle Bay in order to fabricate your Prawn suit. The suit will be fabricated by the drones. This out-of-the-box thinking is what makes the game awesome.

Mobile Vehicle

Well wait a while and there you go you have your Light and Shining Armor ready.

Fabricate Prawn Suit

Before you giddy-up and rush out to explore the ocean you need to know what your Prawn suit does.

Prawn Suit Vehicle Bay

The Features of PEAWN Suit

  • It has a 24 slot storage located at the back. The storage is expandable(fabrication in the moon pool using vehicle upgrade console)

Prawn Suit Storage

  • You can install/uninstall programs like the Drill Arm, Torpedo arm on the upper left surface of the prawn suit. Keep what you like.

Prawn Suit Drill Arm

  • The prawn suit’s driving capabilities are greater than that of the Seamoth. Increased from 900 to 1700m

Inside PRAWN Suit

  • Other Features include Claw arms to attack and collect things (and boy they deal damage), It also has a built-in Jump Jet. The Jump Jet bar is shown on the right-hand side in the purple shade. This allows the user to make supported jumps.

PRAWN Suit Jump

Well, that’s about it on the Subnautica PRAWN suit. I hope the article helped you understand the game and improved your gaming experience. Let’s meet again

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