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The Subnautica game starts with an alarming sound and your avatar finding any possibility to make it out alive.

And then BOOM goes an explosion (leaving you unconscious). You regain consciousness to a fire breathing down your neck and your first task in the game is to put that fire out.

subnautica lifepod fire breathing

Putting The Fire Out In The Lifepod

Fire Extinguisher Lifepod

This is the beginning of the Subnautica and just like every game you will be directed by the trainer in putting the fire off. NOTE: The trainer only activates if you are facing the Fire Extinguisher.

Putting The Fire Out In The Lifepod

Do not worry about the sparks coming out from the loose wiring (That thing had me confused for a while)

PDA Features

Subnautica PDA

PDA is an AI-driven versatile device that will show your vitals and every other useful information there is to show. It starts alarming once your vitals (for e.g.your oxygen) go below a certain level. The PDA has the following icons which are

  • The inventory
  • Blueprints
  • Location(Helps player to toggle through signals)
  • The Gallery (You can see the photos that you have taken)
  • The Log OR the Messages
  • Databank
  • Help see all the received time capsules

Lifepod Features And Part Information

subnautica Lifepod Features

It is pretty obvious what the Lifepod is, the thing that saves Riley’s bottoms when the ship Aurora crashes with him being the only survivor.

The Lifepod comprises a fabricator, storage, a medical kit fabricator and a Habitat Builder (One which is only useful on a separate sea base….explained ahead).


Subnautica Lifepod Fabricator

This as you know means something that makes something. So this will help you in creating stuff from the things that you’ll collect from under the water.

Medical kit Fabricator

subnautica lifepod Medical kit fabricator

It creates medkits. You don’t require any materials to create a medkit but it takes time to create one. The time period is 10minutes.

The very first task that you will complete in the game is Repairing some items. This will teach you how to use the Repair Tool.

Using the Repair tool: Repairing the Damaged Radio

Subnautica Lifepod Damaged Radio

As it is your first task the AI will assist you completely, you just have to click your mouse buttons. Once the radio is fixed you will have a communication source to send and receive messages.

Damaged Secondary Systems

Damaged Secondary Systems

Well doing this will lighten up your world quite literally. In short, it actuates the secondary lighting of your Lifepod and remembers that loose wiring, Yeah won’t be an issue anymore.


Subnautica Lifepod Storage

The storage in SubNautica allows you to store 25 items as the Lifepod is small and it won’t make sense to have unlimited storage. So store things mindfully. I.e. Eat only what you can digest, there are some really weird things out there in the see

The Lifepod is powered by 3 solar power cells and these are not to be touched, well you can touch them but it won’t do anything

Some other items (important items) that are on the Lifepod are

  • A protective suit (x2)
  • Ready to eat nutrient blocks(x2)
  • Drinking water facility(x2)
  • Emergency Medkit (x1)
  • Emergency flares (x2)

Getting out of the Lifepod

There are two ways to get out of the Lifepod. 90% don’t see the other (which is more practical or let’s say time-saving, ahh what the heck you aren’t playing the game to save time)

  • Climbing the ladder

Subnautica Lifepod Climbing ladder

  • Through the lower exit hatch

subnautica lifepod lower exit hatch

Well, climbing the ladder has its own feel so I would suggest that.

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