Subnautica: Lifepod 7 Location, Direction And Coordinates

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If you are want to find Subnautica Lifepod 7 then you are in landed the right place. This article describes the location the whereabouts and the information that is on LifePod 7 also walking you through how.

Lifepod 7 is considered the most difficult Lifepod to be found in Subnautica. Because it is a little bit confusing to locate Lifepod 7. But this article will ease it up for you as we have got just what you need.

It is important to note that Lifepod 7 does not contain any technically necessary things in it. What Lifepod 7 includes are just collectible items. Well, I liked them personally so I would just you to get them as well.

Lifepod 7 Location And Coordinates

Locating this Lifepod 7 is the hard part. When you look at the Lifepod 7 Transmission Origin databank entry it states that it is situated around 1000 meters South West from the Aurora.

Lifepod 7 Transmission Origin

Well, this clue does not explain a lot. And if you will just randomly go on with Lifepod 7,  you will find that the route is also not the safest to take. The fauna covering it is dreary and dangerous.

So, What we will do is, we will start our journey from the Floating island. Reach the shore (beach) of the floating island. We have placed a beacon already as shown in the image so you are aware of where to aim when making the travel.

There are multiple threats lurking nearby Lifepod 7. It is always advised to keep the Seamoth Perimeter Defence module.

Lifepod 7 Coordinates

Lifepod 7 is placed around a swirl of rock protrusions. Lifepod 7 is found in the Crag field biome. The exact Coordinates of the Lifepod are -55 -179 -1039.

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Lifepod 7 Location

The Crag Field biome is characterized by large rocks and rippling rock hills. The biome is classified as mineral-rich so it is not a bad idea to farm some minerals such as Diamond, Gold, silver, and Quartz on your journey.

The LifePod 7 Contains the Following Things

  • Toy Car
  • An Unusual Doll
  • Gray Cap
  • Microscope
  • Abandoned PDA – Lifepod 7 Crew Log
  • Cylindrical Sample Flask

Similar to all the LifePods 7 this one also contains a PDA of the previous crew members that housed it. The PDA contains the crew log of the members. The toy car and the grey hat can be picked up and the Toy car takes up four inventory spaces.

The unusual doll can be scanned and the blueprint can be used to fabricate it again. The Microscope and the Flask can also be collected. The microscope is classified in the category of Lab equipment. I doubt we will ever use it but heck we will take Lifepod 7.

If you have any questions about Lifepod 7, please leave them in the comments section. We are always happy to help.

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