Subnautica: Lifepod 4 Location, Direction, Map And Coordinates

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Lifepod 4 is the only exception in the series of LifePods found in the entire Subnautica game. The exception being that it is the only Lifepod that has not been drowned. It means that it is seen floating in the crash zone(biome).

The exact location of the Lifepod 4 has to be determined by the clues that lie in the crash zone. The compass is of greater use in this case.

Lifepod 4 Trigger Signal

  • Staying in the Safe shallows for more than 7 hours.
  • Entering the Bulb Zone. One of the most intriguing biomes in the game adjoined North-eastern Mushroom Forest, the Crash Zone, the Mountains, and the Crater Edge.

Lifepod 4 Location

Lifepod 4 lies in the biome ‘Crash Zone’. The biome in which Aurora crashed. Note that the Crash zone is also divided into four different parts

  • Crash Zone mesas
  • Crash Zone Trench
  • Main Crash Zone
  • Crash Zone Spit

Our LifePod will be found in the Main Crash Zone. The Crash Zone is rich in metal reserves so make sure you mine them. The exact coordinates of Lifepod 4 are 717 -7 161.

lifepod 4 Map

By searching along the course of Aurora’s wreck we will be able to locate it. Although the Lifepod is floating it is in an upside-down position and you have to enter it from underwater as there is a large hole along the side.  It is found east of our Lifepod 5.

Contents of Lifepod 4

Lifepod 4 contains the following things

  • Abandoned PDA – Lifepod 4 Crew Log
  • First Aid Kit
  • Data Box – Creature Decoy

Similar to all the LifePods this one also contains a PDA of the previous crew members that housed it. The PDA contains the crew log of the members. Apart from this the Lifepod also contains a First Aid Kit.

But the thing of imminence here is the Data Box. This Data Box contains the Blueprint for Creature Decoy.

Creature Decoy

Creature Decoy is a deployable tool. It is made in the fabricator. The primary function it serves is a distraction. A creature can be used as a distraction to help escape dangerous situations. Its blueprint is found in only two places, one being the Underwater Island wrecks and the other being Lifepod 4.

To fabricate the Creature Decoy, we need the following items

  • 3X Titanium
  • Wiring Set
  • The blueprint

After collecting the items head towards the fabricator and there you go you will have the creature decoy ready. To deploy it, it is possible in two ways one is either by hand and the other from the cyclops.

Lifepod 4 Who did it belong to

There is no light shed on who the LifePod 4 belonged. Every source in the game has listed it under the ownership of ‘Unknown Crew’. The PDA briefs us on what occurred to the crew members which was an attack by an aggressive reaper leviathan.

Dangers Encountered

The crash zone biome is the largest biome in the Subnautica game. Also, because it is very open and covered with sand, the vibe that it gives Is very gloomy. Note that there are eleven reaper leviathans lurking around the entire biome.

The other threats include Sand Sharks and Stalkers. Stalkers are a force to reckon with as they deal 30 damage when attacked by. Adding to it, the stalker is cathemeral meaning it is active during both day and night.

If you have any questions about Build An Lifepod 4, please leave them in the comments section. We are always happy to help.

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