Subnautica: Lifepod 3 Location, Coordinates, Crew Reported And PDA

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As we all know Subnautica is all about survival and your survival depends upon these LifePods. This article describes the Lifepod 3 location, Coordinates, Crew Reported and PDA.

Lifepod 3 in SubNautica is found quite easily at it is not in the deeper side of the ocean. In fact, Lifepod 3 is at a very shallow location. The depth at which it is found in just 18 meters making it the shallowest Lifepod out there.

Are you finding Lifepod 3 then you want below 3 items:

  • Seaglide Fragment
  • Data Box- containing the blueprints of a compass
  • Abandoned PDA- Lifepod 3 crew log

We will get into their details later because for now the primary question is of the location & trigger message that starts Lifepod 3 search.

The Radio Message Trigger For Lifepod 3

The radio message for Lifepod 3 will be triggered after 600 seconds of answering the automated bounce back (You will know it as the game progresses).

radio message for Lifepod 3

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Lifepod 3: Location And Coordinates

As mentioned before that Lifepod 3 is found in the Kelp Forest biome. The exact coordinates (Location) for Lifepod 3 are -33 -17 480. Though the coordinates aren’t generally required as the transmission signal will guide you nonetheless.

Lifepod 3 Location And Coordinates

Lifepod 3 Location

How to Upon Reaching Lifepod 3?

When you reach near Lifepod 3 you will find that something is lying beside it. That thing is the Seaglide Fragment. Scan that Seaglide Fragment as it is going to be of real use to use in your upcoming explorations. We will get into the details later.

Seaglide fragments

Now then we need to explore inside the Lifepod. The first thing that you’ll find inside Lifepod 3 is a databox.

Lifepod 3 Databox

The databox will contain the blueprint for the compass. The databox will also have the PDA of Lifepod 3 previous owners.

Lifepod 3 Compass

The PDA contains the crew log which hints towards the story of the people who housed the Lifepod 3.

Lifepod 3 Crew Log

If you have any questions about Build An Lifepod 3, please leave them in the comments section. We are always happy to help.

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