Subnautica Lifepod 2 Location, Coordinates And Data Box

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As you know Subnautica is all about survival and your survival depends upon these Lifepods. This article describes the location the whereabouts and the information that is on Lifepod 2 also walking you through how.

You’ll receive signals pointing towards the location of the Lifepod whenever the time is right. But in this post below I have provided you with the coordinates to Lifepod2.

You would have already built a PRAWN suit (and if you have not, please do, here is a post to walk you through it Prawnsuit) and all the exploration has to be done only in that because firstly you won’t have enough oxygen and secondly the sea is filled with creatures that won’t hesitate twice to deal damage to you.

Subnautica oxygen

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Lifepod 2 Location & Coordinates

Subnautica Lifepod 2 lies in the biome ‘Northern Blood Kelp Zone’. The specialty of these biomes (Blood Kelp Zones) is that you can harvest Blood oils from the Blood vines. So don’t miss out on that.

Subnautica Northern Blood Kelp Zone

The coordinates for Lifepod2 are 489 -500 1328 roughly 1500 meters from your harbor.

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subnautica lifepod 2 location

Lifepod 2 Contents & Items Found

The items you will find in LifePod 2 are

  • The PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) of CTO Yu and Berkeley (Both dead).

Subnotica PDA

  • Databox: It contains a module named the Cyclops Depth Module MK1: This is an upgrading tool that will increase the submarine’s crash depth by 400 meters (i.e. from 500m to 900m). You don’t get the item you get the blueprint which is then to be crafted.

Subnatica lifepod 2 databox

Lifepod 2: Who did it Belong to

It belonged to CTO Yu and engineer Berkeley and it sunk 500m before she abandoned it. It is assumed that Yu was killed by a Reaper Leviathan while attempting to reach Aurora to repair the communications system.


Dangers Encountered

As mentioned previously the sea is full of deadly fauna. Reaper Leviathan is the creature that scares the living bejeesus out of players and when encountered is a truly horrifying sight. So you need to have a Prawnsuit before you go out on the trail for Lifepod2.

Trigger Signals for Lifepod 2

The events that trigger the signals for Lifepod 2 are:

  • Entering the Deep Grand Reef
  • Constructing a Thermal plant

Thermal plant

Well, No need to worry as it will show up as you progress anyways.

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