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There isn’t any ascending order in how you find Subnautica LifePod 19 location and this is what makes Subnautica a bit random.

We all know that Subnautica is filled with terrorizing creatures and with really deep trenches, so to explore the game to the bits you need armor (Which in this game is the P.R.A.W.N Suit). Hence to construct the prawn suit we need some materials that can only be found near Lifepod 19.

Additionally, We have also acquired the Seamoth Depth Module which increases our diving depth to 300m. 300m also being the depth at which you will Coordinates Lifepod 19.

What Triggers The Radio Message?

The trigger to pop that Lifepod 19 message is ‘Crafting a Mobile Vehicle Bay ‘. This Mobile Vehicle Bay can be fabricated in the fabricator. You need 3 fragments to obtain the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

The fragments are usually found near the wrecks. If you don’t know what fragments are, they are broken pieces of advanced technology that when scanned (by the scanner) provide you with blueprints.

The moment you fabricate the Mobile Vehicle Bay a radio message will be triggered showing you the location of Lifepod 19.

The biome in which Lifepod19 is found is called the ‘Deep Sparse Relief’. This biome is the home to one of the most rarely found items in SubNautica which is Ruby.

So make sure you harvest plenty when you wander there. The ruby will help you in constructing your prawn suit. It also has Lithium which also will come in pretty handy later and not to forget the gel sacks. Don’t harvest minerals recklessly.

Lifepod 19 Location and Coordinates

Well you can directly find Lifepod19 via these coordinates: -808 -298 -873

Lifepod 19

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to construct a Mobile Vehicle Bay there you go you have the coordinates.

find Lifepod19

Lifepod 19: Who did it Belong to?

Lifepod 19 belonged to second officer Keen, who is presumed dead. His last message stated that they encountered a leviathan class predator and the tone in which he signed out suggests that it was his last message.

Lifepod 19: Contents & Items Found

The Subnautica LifePod 19 accommodated the below-listed items

  • PDA of officer Keen: Including the voice logs (It is important to hear the voice logs they contain valuable information)

Lifepod19 PDA

  • PDA: Officer Keen’s crew log. ( If you are want PDA Feature )

Lifepod19 PDA Open

  • Databox: Containing Ultra-high Capacity Tank

Lifepod 19 Databox

The Ultra High Capacity tank is an upgrade on the high capacity O2 tank and it increases your oxygen levels by a whopping 180 units totaling 225 units. The data box contains the blueprint which can be crafted in the Modification Station.

To access the Ultra High Capacity Tank you have to equip it in the Paperdoll UI. (The Paperdoll UI is in the inventory module of the PDA).

This is just what is found in the Lifepod but there is a whole array of different stuff that can be found in its surrounding.

The other things that you can find in the region (in a 50m radius)

  • Moonpool
  • Torpedo Arm Fragments
  • Vehicle Upgrade Control Databox
  • Thermal Plant Fragments
  • The wreckages (upper and lower part)


It is a charging station basically which also functions as a dock. It can be constructed in the Habitat Builder. The thing to note here is that this is the only place where the Vehicle Upgrade Console can be placed.

Lifepod 19 Moon Pool

You will get all the required fragments near the wreckage and there might be one fragment lying somewhere near the Lifepod too. (Note: When searching the LifePod you will come across wreckage first and that is not the actual LifePod the actual LifePod is way below (well not way but below) the wreckage.

Lifepod 19 Moon Pool Databank

PRAWN Torpedo Arms

These allow your PRAWN suit to fire torpedoes. Cool isn’t it. So collect all that you can get.

PRAWN Torpedo Arms

PRAWN Torpedo Arms 1

PRAWN Torpedo Arms 2

Vehicle Upgrade Control Databox

Amongst the scrap lying around you will see a shining data box and upon inspecting that you will find that it will contain a blueprint for the Vehicle Upgrade Console. This is a very principal piece that has to be fabricated as you won’t be able to make any upgrades on your PRAWN suit without it.

Vehicle Upgrade Control Databox

Vehicle Upgrade Control Databox 1

Thermal Plant Fragments

This is one of the best things present in SubNautica. The thermal plant converts surrounding high temperatures (heat > 25C) to power. This will be an unlimited source of power for your Seabase. Scanning the 2 parts (fragments) will provide you with ample ingredients for your Thermal Plant.

Lifepod 19 Thermal Plant Fragments

Lifepod 19 Thermal Plant Fragments 1

Lifepod 19 Thermal Plant Fragments 2

The Wreckages

Upper Wreckage: You will have to tear down the door with a laser gun to get in it. The upper wreck contains a data box and a few important fragments. The data box contains the blueprint for the ‘Cyclops Fire Suppression System’. The other fragments include a Light Stick Fragment and a Modifications system Fragment.

Lifepod 19 Upper Wreckage

Lifepod 19 Upper Wreckage 1

Lifepod 19 Upper Wreckage 3

Lifepod 19 Upper Wreckage 2

Lifepod 19 Upper Wreckage 4

Lifepod 19 Upper Wreckage 5

Lifepod 19 Upper Wreckage 6

Lower Wreckage: Similar to the upper wreck this too has to be torn down by a laser cutter. The lower wreck also has a data box. This box contains the blueprint for the Reinforced Dive Suit. Lying there also will be 2 Power cell charger Fragments enough to complete the whole suit. (The fragments + the blueprint = the suit).

Lifepod 19 Lower Wreckage

Lifepod 19 Lower Wreckage 2

Lifepod 19 Lower Wreckage 3

Lifepod 19 Lower Wreckage 4

Lifepod 19 Lower Wreckage 5

Lifepod 19 Lower Wreckage 6

These are all the crucial things that you will find on your expedition to lifepod19. This is the very reason people find this particular pod early because it helps you get the basics correct and after this, you can wander pretty much anywhere you want.

Lifepod 19 Lower Wreckage 7

Lifepod 19 Lower Wreckage 8

Lifepod 19 Lower Wreckage 9

Driving Deeper For Lifepod 19

  • Harvest Rubies(They’re Rare)

Harvest Rubies

  • Moonpool Fragment

Moonpool Fragment

Moonpool Fragment 1

  • The thermal plant ist wichtig (IMPORTANT IN GERMAN J)
  • Don’t forget to check out the wreckages as many forget to check them out and head directly to the pod.

Hope this article helped and feel free to express yourself with any questions in the comment section.

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