Subnautica Lifepod 17 Location, Coordinates And Recharge

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As we know Subaautica is all about survival and your survival depends upon these Lifepods. This article describes the Lifepod 17 location, Coordinates, Underattck, and more, the whereabouts and the information that is on LifePod 17 also walking you through how.

Lifepod 17 is the easiest Lifepod to find after Lifepod 2. It is the second shallowest Lifepod in SubNautica. The depth at which it is found is 100 meters only.

The things that Lifepod 17 contains are:

  • Abandoned PDA and Lifepod 17 Crew log
  • Seamoth Fragment

The Radio Message Trigger For Lifepod 17

There are two actions that will trigger the radio message for Lifepod 17.

  • Crafting the Seaglide
  • One will be triggered two hours after answering the automated bounceback

Radio Message lifepod 17

The second way is a way time consuming and as you have seen in the previous articles, we have already found Lifepod 3 which means we have already crafted the Seaglide.

Lifepod 17: Location and Coordinates

Lifepod 17 is found in the Grassy Plateau biome. Now whenever you are taking a trip to any of the biomes always make sure that you know what kind of resources do, they contain.

Grassy plateaus contain copper or let’s say metal reserves in good quantity so farm them whenever you visit the Grassy Plateau biome.

Lifepod17 location

Subnautica Lifepod 17 is found stranded near a cave system. The exact coordinates (location) for the Lifepod 17 are -510-91-45. Finding the Lifepod is pretty straightforward.

Lifepod17 location and Coordinates

How to Upon Reaching Lifepod 17?

When you reach near Lifepod 17 you will find a Seamoth fragment lying next to it. Now note that there is not a whole lot that the Lifepod has to offer by itself.

abandoned PDA

It only contains the PDA to be precise. But the treasure lies in the wreck that is just behind it. You would have noticed it already but if you have not here is the image.

Lifepod 17 Crew Log

We will discuss about the wreckage later but let’s first complete exploring near and around the Subnautica Lifepod 17 first.

Lifepod 17 belonged to a crew member named OZZY. His voice logs would mention something related to the phase gate. Ozzy according to the voice logs is a Café owner. The reason for his death is listed as an attack from crab snare.

Exploring the Area Nearby Lifepod 17

One important point to note is that Subnautica Lifepod 17 sits around an entrance to the Jellyshroom Cave Biome. It is below 200 meters so you can’t travel there with your seamoth. Hence you would have to swim the rest of the distance.

Lifepod 17 Crew Log 1

Jellyshroom cave biome is home to various important materials such as Shale outcrops, magnetite, and Lithium. So, make sure to farm these materials.

Nearby Lifepod 17 area

Some information regarding the shale outcrops. It contains the following elements.

  • Gold – 30%
  • Lithium – 31.5%
  • Diamond – 38.5%

Note: All these minerals are rare. So, it makes for a good farming expedition too.

Nearby Lifepod 17

Now coming to the treasure which is that enormous wreckage this article here ‘Exploring the wreckage behind Lifepod 17’ explains everything that you need to know about it.

Well, there you go this is it regarding Lifepod 17. So, I’ll see you in the next article and if you have queries are welcome and tell us about your gaming experience in the comment section

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