Subnautica: Lifepod 13 Location, Coordinates, And Reaper

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If you are want to know how to find Subnautica Lifepod 12 location and how to reaper then you are landed the right place. In this article, We are providing everything information about Lifepod 13.

After the prawn suit is made the next technological advancement that we will make in the game is the Cyclops Submarine. Lifepod 13 has some of the blueprints for the Cyclops Submarine. This will help us in long-distance exploration as the Cyclops Submarine will act as a Mobile Seabase.

Lifepod 13 Trigger Signal

  • Entering the Grand Reef Biome
  • Building a Nuclear Reactor

lifepod 13 location

Lifepod 13 Location and Coordinates

Lifepod 13 is found in the North-western Mushroom Forest biome. It is one of the most beautiful biomes in Subnautica. Lifepod 13 is covered in corals in the shape of mushroom trees. This biome is packed with Lithium and Shale so farm them when you are there.

The Mushroom Forest is divided into two parts and the North-western Mushroom Forest biome part is the bigger one.  If you go down the cliffs present in this biome you will be directed to the Bulb Zone. This biome also borders the Kelp Zone.

Reaching this Lifepod 13 is fairly simple. Once the radio message triggers you will get a working beacon and you can reach it then. We don’t need the Prawn suit for this exploration just the Lifepod 13 will Suffice.

The exact location (coordinates) of Lifepod 13 are -919 -177 508.

Who did it belong to Lifepod 13?

Lifepod 13 belonged to Jochi Khasar. He was a Mongolian emissary (emissary means a diplomatic representative). His mission was to search for the missing Mongolian vessel which if you recall was … yeah you guessed it ‘THE DEGASSI’.

He is found to be staunchly religious and with some pretty strong beliefs. Lifepod 13 is found that he died when his Lifepod impacted the surface.

Lifepod 13 Dangers Encountered

Differing from its contemporary the North-western Mushroom Forest biome is a dangerous one. The primary source of the threat being

  • Appeals
  • Bonesharks
  • Reaper Leviathans

Bonesharks are a very aggressive and large species. They are predators in their own right. Compared to the sand sharks they have got double the health and triple the bite damage.

Bone sharks are attracted to lights so sneak around properly. Although dangerous to humans it is also especially harmful to the seamoth as well.

It headbutts the seamoth continually dealing 15% damage when the player is not in Lifepod 13.  So, take note of that as well. Bonesharks make life difficult for us as well as the Lifepod13.

Appeals were formerly known as Shockers. It is one of the more horrifying species of Fauna out there. They are serpentine (snake-like) and green.

Lifepod 13 will easily kill you with two blows if you are outside your vehicle as it deals 80% damage. The damage is reduced to 40% if the Dive suit is on.  The leviathan freaking damages the Prawn Suit as well. So, beware of this demon.

If you have any questions about Lifepod 13, please leave them in the comments section. We are always happy to help.

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