Subnautica: Lifepod 12 Location, Databox, Coordinates And Reaper

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If you play Subnautica and find Lifepod 12 location then you are landed in the right place. This article describes the location the whereabouts and the information that is on LifePod 12 also walking you through how. This article also includes information on Lifepod 12 databox. Also, Lifepod 12 is one of the Lifepod on which we have some info on who it belonged.

Lifepod 12 consists of some essential devices for the player to ease exploration. Because it contains the blueprint for the Repulsion cannon.

Lifepod 12 Trigger Signal

  • Spending more than 14 hours in-game.
  • Crafting a Laser Cutter.

Subnautica lifepod 12 location

Lifepod 12 Location, Databox, and Coordinates

There is not much information available on the internet on how to exactly find Lifepod 12. You just have to wait for the radio message to trigger and then set the expedition.

Lifepod 12 is found in the Bulb Zone Biome. The Bulb Zone is a unique biome bordering the North-Eastern Mushroom Forest, the Crash Zone, the Mountains, and the Crater Edge.

You need the following items in order to set on the journey to find Lifepod 12.

  • Seamoth (Duh…..)
  • A repair tool

A repair tool is because of the dangers that we will be encountering on the journey.

You need to reach the bulb zone from the Mushroom forest for a safer journey that is taking the route that passes through the mushroom forest.

The bulb zone biome is characterized by small crevices and sandy dunes,

The exact coordinates (location) of the Lifepod 17 are 268 568|1117 -268 568.

The Lifepod 12 Contains the following items

  • Abandoned PDA – Lifepod 12 Medical Officer Danby’s Crew Log
  • Data Box – Repulsion Cannon

Similar to all the LifePods this one also contains a PDA of the previous crew members that housed it. The PDA contains the crew log of the members. This crew log is pretty gored one crew member here seems to be suffering from skin irritation and is self-introspecting about him being a doctor.

The above table shows the controls of using the Repulsive cannon. The repulsive cannon is powered by a battery. The job of a repulsive cannon is to push away objects. Here objects mainly refer to fauna. It can stun even the leviathans (aggressive) if aimed properly (at their heads). Repulsive cannon is a sidegrade to the Propulsion cannon.

The repulsion cannon is crafted in the Modification station. It takes 5 seconds to build. The recipe for the Repulsion cannon includes the following

  • Propulsion cannon
  • 1x Computer Chip
  • 2X Magnetite.

Lifepod 12: Who did it belong to.

Lifepod 12 belonged to someone called Danby. Danby is listed as a medical officer. He escaped in this Lifepod12 when Aurora crashed. He most likely either dies after his Lifepod is attacked or succumbs to Kharaa.

Kharaa is a bacterium that infects a disease similar to the flu. This disease completely deleted the life force in Planet 4546B.  The skin rashes that Danby develops are the result of the infection caused by the Kharaa bacterium.

If you have any questions about Lifepod 12, please leave them in the comments section. We are always happy to help.

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