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Our team has trialed and tested the cheat codes that we will share with you in this article for Subnautica Fans.

The video game Subnautica was a breakout hit in 2014. In the game, the player explores the ocean on an alien planet while collecting resources. It is also worth exploring the Aurora in Subnautica.

To get into the Aurora, you’ll need to be fairly far along in the game. To open the ship, the Aurora engines must explode.

It’s impossible to miss the explosion the next time you’re outside your capsule near the ship. Check out what you need to do to access Subnautica Aurora and what the codes are.

Requirements of Tools before going to Subnautica Aurora Hunt Ship

Take the following items with you if you are hunting for the Subnautica Aurora Ship:

  • Radiation suit: The radiation suit is essential before you approach the ship, as you will not be able to do so without it because of the intense radiation emitted by the ship.
  • Survival Knife: You can kill lingering bleepers using the survival knife.
  • Propulsion Cannon/Repulsion Cannon: You can use these to remove crates and barriers, specifically those in the hallway and laboratory entrance.
  • Repair Tool: Subnautica’s Drive Room and broken doors can be repaired with this tool.
  • Laser Cutter: The Laser Cutter can let you access the Black Box Terminal and Prawn Suit Bay.
  • A Weapon: Cave Crawlers can be protected with this weapon. On the Aurora, this cannon could be just the propelling or repelling cannon you use to clear obstacles.
  • A Seaglide: In Subnautica, this is needed for getting around the submerged Subnautica  Aurora sections.

How do I get into Subnautica Aurora

How do I get into Subnautica Aurora?

Subnautica Aurora codes must be cracked before you can get inside the ship. Your main site offers two routes.

Close to the ship’s crash site is the first entrance. Once you reach the right side of the shore, you will need to clear an entryway behind a floodlight.

The laboratory of Subnautica Aurora is immediately ahead. There is a ramp on the ships’ front that can be accessed instead of going to the shore.

Across the ramp is the closest corridor to the Aurora.

As soon as you get equipped, you can start moving forward. The ship has several locked doors that you will encounter during your exploration. For those doors to be opened,

To enter Aurora, you need a few code numbers. Here are all the Aurora door codes in Subnautica you would need for your work, making it easier for you.

All Subnautica Aurora Door Cheat Code Subnautica in July 2021

Preparation is necessary for exploring the Aurora. Your first step should be to don your Radiation Suit to protect you from the damaged engine of the ship.

Defending yourself against cave crawlers will also require a weapon. Our recommendation would be to bring a Stasis rifle and Survival Knife, as they seem to work best.

Also, you should carry with you a repair tool in case you happen to encounter a broken door. A laser cutter, a propulsion cannon, and a fire extinguisher are also necessary.

Our recommendation for exploring the submerged parts of the Aurora is to take a Seaglide.

  • Become head of the captain: 1869
  • Captain’s Quarters: 2679
  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Lab Access: 6483
  • Robotics Bay: 6666

How do you open Subnautica Aurora's doors

How do you open Subnautica Aurora’s doors?

Accessing the Cargo Way: For you to unlock the doors to the cargo bay, you will need the gate code. Once more,

By using your Cannon, you can clear out any clutter that gets in your way. It only takes a few steps to access the cargo by climbing on top.

Accessing the Locker Room: The locker room is accessed by cutting through the sealed door, which is on the outside of the room.

Then enter the code. There is water, batteries, and a first aid kit in the locker room.

Accessing the Lab: The lab can be accessed by taking the first route once you enter the Aurora. It is beneficial to remove some of the objects blocking your path, using the Repulsion Cannon.

FAQs for Subnautica All Door codes

When the Subnautica Aurora is not repaired, what happens?

Ans. A radiation suit is needed to explore Aurora, which means you can have a Reinforced Suit if you repair the reactor.

Due to the PRAWN’s deep reach, you will have no other option for navigating the Lava Zone.

The black box is where is the Subnautica Aurora?

Ans. Walk across this metal beam and into the water in Prawn Bay. Once you reach the far wall, turn right and look underwater for the Black Box Room tunnel.

When you get to Subnautica Aurora’s cargo bay, how do you get there?

Ans. There are signs for Administration and Cargo Bay 3 in front of you. Our way to the right takes us to a fire-damaged door in the Administration.

Extinguishing the fire will allow us to enter the room. Cargo Bay entry code is found on the PDA

How do I find Robotics Bay?

Ans. This Robotics Bay (often referred to as Robo Bay) is a structure on the Protoss Technology Tree that is part of the Robotics Facility that unlocks Colossus and Disruptor units.


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