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Pokémon is a video game series developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo.

Under the Pokémon brand, there is the Pokémon Company. First released in 1996 in Japan for the Game Boy, Pocket Monsters Red and Green was created by Satoshi Tajiri with assistance from Ken Sugimori. 

A series of role-playing video games (RPGs) that was released outside of Japan as Pokémon Red and Blue 

Known as the “core series” by Nintendo’s developers, it has been carried over into every handheld device generation. 

On November 1, 2019, Nintendo Switch users around the world were able to download Pokémon Sword and Shield, the most recently released core series game.

Getting Pokémon Ruby cheat codes and hints will make your gaming experience much easier. All of our cheats and code are compatible with Gameboy Advance and Game Shark.

Games Shark and Action Replay support them physically as well as allowing them to be used in emulators via their cheat menus.

What is the Pokémon Ruby Cheats Code?

Pokémon Ruby Cheat codes are one of the ways to hack the pokémon game inside your device without root. Pokémon Ruby uses GameShark Code and Action Replay Code as the only way to add cheats. 

You can either use the cheat menu through your emulator or the cheat screen on the actual game.

Neither GameShark nor Action Replay are available for the GBA right now, so most people will probably cheat using Pokémon Ruby on an emulated system. 

Just pick the cheat you want, copy and paste it into your emulator’s cheat menu, and activate it. 

In general, you can expect to receive specific instructions that tell you what to expect from the cheat and how to activate it.

Pokémon Ruby GameShark Cheats Code for GameBoy Emulator



Pokemon Ruby Master Code 0000B138000A
Infinite PP 40D7CF69A051
Beach Shells E086D66540E1E66E
99 Itens No slot 1 De Itens Na Bolsa 68E6EAC16AB638B4
Dinheiro Infinito E51E97C3
Invincibility 830043B6 03E7
Berry Juice 20B1F47154E206FE
Unlimited Rare Candies 280EA266 88A62E5C
Big Pearl 10ABF8B22EBB05FD
Max attack 830043BA 03E7
Max HP 830043B8 03E7
Change Wild Pokemon Nature B294D4AE337
Have all PokeBalls 8C0CC69D0384
Max speed 830043BE 03E7
Easily Catch Wild Pokemon 6006D97C61CF
Max defense 830043BA 03E7
Have All Badges A12FCE770C1EC556
Change Gender 93566C4FFC35
Special Ribbon Codes 2EDE4F48 A6F66EDD
CA379D56 09D92928
Ghost (Walk Through Walls) E03B0649 5D67050C
78DA95DF 44018CB4
No Random Battles 3B0C8C5E
Complete Pokedex 767CB1FC DD748434
1285CF69 1834F175
DBB87FCA 6276D975
9A732B89 F770B329
DBB87FCA 6276D975
1F0A9164 737E93CD
DBB87FCA 6276D975
200DBA91 E6D90173
DBB87FCA 6276D975
Obtain Running Shoes 8849B2F50287
Max Level (Level 255) 330043B4 00FF
Shiny Pokemon 186246439083
Free DayCare 8202E8CE0000
Eggs Hatch Faster 320287EA00FE
Infinite Cash 1B3E8B0CE075B270

Pokémon Ruby Tips And Tricks

You can complete Pokémon Ruby without cheating with these Pokémon Ruby tips. There are some great time-saving tips and lots of useful information on all kinds of parts of the game on this page, so dive in and read our hand-picked tips below and more tips further down the page that website visitors have sent to us.

Easy Training Locations

In order to grind some experience, players who have yet to beat the Elite 4 should go to certain locations depending on the Pokémon they are trying to train. For example, you do not have a Pokémon League win yet 

But would like easy gyms to train at. By facing trainers, you can train the easiest. You can still find new trainers if you’ve already conquered all of the available ones:

It is easy to level up a wild Pokémon (not one of the legendary types) by training it where it was caught. Although it takes a while, the battles are worth it.

How to Train Pokémon at the DayCare

This simple trick will allow you to train your Pokémon while they are at daycare. After that, you may locate the Acro Bike and start training your Pokémon. Your Pokémon will level up with enough time if you hold the up button long enough for the bike to move constantly.

Rare Candy Locations

Rare Candies are used to level up Pokémon. While we have cheats for finding them, this tip will show you where to find them all without using any cheats!

  • For Pokémon of level 20, the Granite Cave is a great place to practice.
  • Train at Route 117 for level 30 Pokémon.
  • Routes 120 and 121 are ideal for training Pokémon with a level of around 40.
  • Outside of Mossdeep City is the ideal training location for level 45 to 50 Pokémon.

How to Unlock Rare Stones

Giving a Red Shard to a Shard Hunter will get you each of the rare stones. You must donate a Blue Shard to a Shard Hunter in order to obtain the Fire Stone.

When Shard Hunters give them Red Shards, they are granted Fire Stones. When they give away Green Shards, they give Leaf Stones. When they give away Yellow Shards, they get Thunder Stones.

How to Unlock Scarfs

It is up to you to make sure your leading Pokémon is as beautiful as it can be to gain the Blue Scarf.

The Green Scarf can be obtained when your lead Pokémon has the most intelligent, the Pink Scarf when the Pokémon has the most cuteness, and the Red Scarf when the Pokémon has the coolest.

Make certain that the Pokémon you choose for the Yellow Scarf comes with the highest level of toughness.

How to Beat the Elite 4

To beat the Elite 4 is the objective of the game. Using a Kygore of 80 to 100 level is best for achieving this feat.

Following are the moves we recommend:

  • Pulse of the water
  • The sound of thunder
  • Extremely cold
  • The enemy might be at full health when the water spouts.

FAQs for Pokémon Ruby Cheats Code

What is the procedure for cloning Pokémon in Ruby?

Ans. In Ruby, you can get a Pokémon by visiting Lanette’s computer. Now you can choose the Pokémon you want to clone and place it in the box. Take Lanette’s Pokémon to her PC and then withdraw them. As a result, you can no longer save. You will be cloning your Pokémon.

Pokémon Ruby cheats code: how do you use them?

Ans. In order to use GBA codes, you need an emulator. Then launch the game with a GBA emulator. Open the emulator once you have entered the game Code should be placed here. Getting rare candies or your favorite Pokémon power will be easier with this method.

What is the evolutionary level of Ralts?

Ans. Ruby offers a wide variety of Pokémon forms to choose from, including Rattles. For Ralts, you can achieve the best results between levels 20 and 30. It must, however, be a male-directed evolution if one is to evolve to a Gallade.

What is the method of walking through walls in Pokémon Ruby?

Ans. Walking through walls requires the Pokémon Ruby cheats codes. The cheat code must be entered into the GBA interface in order to walk through walls. Codes and walls are entered.


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