Pokémon FireRed: GameShark and Gameboy Advance Cheats, Codes and Guides

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Is it true that video games turn you on? If you answered yes, I’m guessing you’ve played Pokémon FireRed. As a solution, you’ll want Pokémon FireRed cheats codes for GameShark and Gameboy.

Do you know the game has various cheat codes that can help you to clear the stage and also spice up your game?

Our team has trialed and tested the cheat codes that we will share with you in this article for Pokémon Fans.

These codes work with the GameShark and Gameboy emulators for Pokémon Fire Red.

Pokémon FireRed Cheats Code For GameShark And Action Replay

With the GameShark and Action Replay accessories for the GBA, you can enable more cheats for Pokémon FireRed.

Note: There are no case distinctions in these codes, and no spaces between integers are necessary. Every one of the cheats is working with both GameShark and Action Replay.

So can even use the codes for GameShark and Action Replay.



Ghost 509197D3 542975F4
Gain 5000 Exp FEBB0A6A8203


Catch Wild Pokemon Easily 896FC3BFB7FE
Catch Safari Pokemon Easily 887F86B3B4D2
Free Daycare 6F1FF3B5C2EF
1 Hit Kill 95EDFBBAA5A72A78


Shiny Pokemon Encounter 1670047D 04815C68

18452A7D DDE55BCC

Quick Daycare Levels E6343C0CCC28
Free Shop Items E21FAE7BBE55



Infinite Safari Time 663F08E44889


Hatch Eggs Quickly 908D349E3D92
Have all HM’s 42025A0C0153


Have all HM’s 42025A2C0121
Male Egg 43546BC26EBD
Female Egg EB7DDB51EA7C
Have all Berries 42025AF40085
Master Codes for Pokemon Fire Red Version 0000295F000A
Have Maximum Cash 82025838104E


Infinite cash 82025838 104E
8202583A E971
Access all Fly to Areas 42026592FFFF


No Random Battles A202166EFF00


Infinite Safari Balls B294D4AE337


Reset Time 420246120000
Max IV Points B6A2AF0991A6
Stop Timer 320246160000
Unlimited Rare Candy 820258400044
Have all PokeBalls 420259D80001




Infinite Exp 7400013002



Infinite PP 42023C086363
Maximum Sell Price 673259421E16


Max Out All Pokémon  States GameShark Code

You can easily max out all the stats for each particular Pokémon in your group, you’ll have to do it slot by slot, but once you’re done, you’ll have a powerful squad of maxed-out Pokémon.

Get all of the cheat codes available if you want to get the max out of all Pokémon party.



1st Pokemon-Maximum Stats 420242DA03E7
2st Pokemon-Maximum Stats 4202433E03E7
3st Pokemon-Maximum Stats 420243A203E7
4st Pokemon-Maximum Stats 4202440603E7
5st Pokemon-Maximum Stats 4202446A03E7
6st Pokemon-Maximum Stats 420244CE03E7

Legendary Pokémon Encounter GameShark Cheat Code For Pokémon FireRed

It feels fantastic and sporadic around the same skills to visit legendary Pokémon in Pokémon FireRed. However, if you don’t know how to encounter those fantastic Pokémon, your FireRed gaming experience will be somewhat dull and uninteresting.



Master Code 000014D1 000A
1003dae6 0007
Deoxys 83007CEE 019A
Dragonite 83007CEE 0095
Jirachi 83007CEE0199
Ho-oh 83007CEE 00FA
Dratini 83007CEE 0093
Moltres 83007CEE 0092
Dragonair 83007CEE 0094
Articuno 83007CEE 0090
Lugia 83007CEE 00F9
Regirock 83007CEE0191
Mewtwo 83007CEE 0096
Mew 83007CEE 0097
Registeel 83007CEE0193
Entei 83007CEE 00F4
Regice 83007CEE0192
Groudon 83007CEE0195
Rayquaza 83007CEE 0196
Zapdos 83007CEE 0091

How To Use Pokémon FireRed Cheats With Visual Boy Advance

Both the Action Replay and Gameshark codes can be accessed using the GBA emulator.

To enter cheat codes on the Visual Boy Advance, simply follow the steps below:

  • Turn on the VBA emulator.
  • Select the Pokémon FireRed ROM by clicking File, followed by Open.
  • Click on Cheats at the start of the game, then on Cheat List.
  • Select Gameshark from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter a code and then click OK.
  • To input, all of your cheat codes as requested, repeat steps 4 and 5.
  • To play your cheats-enabled game, click OK.

How to Use My Boy Emulator With Pokémon FireRed Cheats

To use your Gameshark/ Action Replays cheats if you’re using an Android MyBoy emulator, simply follow these steps:

  • Launch the Pokémon FireRed ROM from the My Boy App.
  • Launch the My Boy menu by clicking the menu icon.
  • Go to the Cheats page.
  • Go to New Cheat and select it.
  • Enter a name for the cheat and a description for it.
  • Click on the Cheat Code button, type in the code, and then click OK.
  • Select Save from the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • To play your cheats-enabled game, press the back button on your device.

The Cheats menu allows you to disable or even modify cheats. To remove a cheat code, press and hold the shift key and then click Remove.


We have covered the Pokémon FireRed all cheats code for GameShark and GameBoy with Legendary Pokémon Encounter Cheats code in this article.

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