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Hello everyone, are you looking for the https// trying to sign up or log in to Minecraft using your Microsoft account?

We all know that Minecraft is the best video game. If you log in and sign up with a Microsoft account to play Minecraft on the PS4, PS3, XBOX, or Nintendo Switch, you will experience some errors.

Minecraft players frequently encounter the account login. But don’t worry, here is a simple step-by-step guide to resolving the aka ms remoteconnect account login & code access.

What is The

https// website is allowed people to control their Minecraft account on any gaming gadgets like PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, and Others.

Aka ms remotconnect ( with help people play Minecraft on Play Station 4, XBOX & Nintendo Switch. Users must register and log in to a Microsoft account in order to play on non-Microsoft devices.

If you trying to play Minecraft on the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch, you might need to use Aka MS Remoteconnect, especially if you want to use the cross-play option, which enables you to play online with other players even if they’re on a different console or platform.

How to Login on PS4 & PS5?

Are you using the PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 to play the Minecraft crossplay feature, you’ll need excellent internet connectivity to connect your device to the internet.

If you already have a Microsoft account, go to Aka ms remotconnect. However, if you do not have a Microsoft account, you must create it on

You must also verify that your PlayStation console is connected to the internet. If you don’t have yet Minecraft, you can get the digital version through your console’s PlayStation Store.

https Aka ms remotconnect login code

Log in to this website by visiting Don’t worry this website redirect to

Https Aka Ms Remotconnect Microsoft Account

Connect your console devices to your Microsoft account by entering your Microsoft account passwords.

After successfully signing in to your Microsoft account, click Play to return to the Minecraft Game home screen.

Swipe to the right to access the “Friends” tab. To find friends, click “Add a Friend” and enter your Microsoft Gamertags one at a time.

Minecraft Account setup for PS4 & Nintendo Switch Crossplay

To start, go to the Nintendo store on your gaming console (PS5, PS4, XBOX & Other).

PS4: If you already downloaded Minecraft for PS4, go ahead and open it. Otherwise, go ahead and download Minecraft for PS4.

Nintendo Switch: It works in a similar way to Playstation. Minecraft is available for Nintendo Switch. If you have a gaming console, the first step you should do is to download the game.

Open Minecraft and sign in with your Microsoft account on your fav gaming consoles, such as the PS4, XBOX, or Nintendo Switch.

If you click the login button, you will be relocated to, which will most likely redirect to remoteconnect.srf.

You must first log in to the ms remotconnect website, and then you must need an 8-digit activation code. This code delivered your Gmail id from your Microsoft account.

This website allows you to do it on both Windows and non-Windows computers. You can also control your Android and iOS devices.

Aka ms remotconnect 8 digit code semple

Click the next button after entering the 8 digit code on your PS4 or PS5 game system. These steps will allow you to simply log in to the Minecraft game on the console.

You should get a screen at the conclusion of this that certifies that your Xbox Live profile is linked to Minecraft. If this is the case, you can use crossplay features to play Minecraft with people who are using different platforms.

Free Minecraft Account and Password | Minecraft Java Edition In 2022

How to fixed https// Error in Minecraft

The first time you log in to Minecraft on a gaming device like the PS4, PS5, XBOX, or Nintendo Switch, you’ll get the ms remoteconnect error. We’ve included three methods for quickly resolving the problem.

Method 1: Access Your Microsoft Account 

  • Log in to the Minecraft game on your PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch.
  • Then connect with your Microsoft account by clicking on sign-in access multiplayer.
  • You receive an email containing codes and a link https//
  • Open any program and go to to log in to your Microsoft account.
  • Next, open this web address in a comparable program:
  • The code ( will be pasted into the new window.
  • To access everything on your game reassure, select Yes once you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions.
  • Finally, there will be no error messages while you play Minecraft on PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

Method 2: Create a New Microsoft Account

  • Start by going to the Minecraft game’s home screen.
  • To sign in with a Microsoft account, select Sign in with a Microsoft account.
  • Then, using the 8-digit number provided by Screen, go to
  • To complete Sign In, enter the code along with the steps.

Method 3: Delete Minecraft Corrupted Data 

  • Send your Minecraft game to your game support for distribution.
  • Select “Framework settings” from the “Settings” menu after entering the “Settings” area.
  • Then, from the left side area, select the “Capacity” options.
    Under the “Game Storage” section, you may currently see and retrieve all game information.
  • Simply click the “Erase symbol” to remove all of the tampering with and unwanted game data from the Minecraft storage.

https// Error For PS4 User

Go to the PS4 Store and search for Minecraft.

You’ll need to have the premium edition of Minecraft to use the remote play features. It’s available directly from the Minecraft store.

You can also use your Microsoft account to log in to the PS4 version of the game. You can sign in with your email address and password using this service.

When you’re finished, you’ll have access to the remote connect data. You can save this code on your PS4 as well.

On your PC or smartphone, go to the remote connect page and type in the remote connect code.

FAQs About

What is Aka Ms Remoteconnect?

Ans. Aka Ms Remoteconnect allows Minecraft players to access their accounts from any location and on any device.

Is Safe or Not?

Ans. Yes, It is Safe because of this website’s own Microsoft. We know Microsoft is a trusted brand.


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