How To Fixed Save The World Content Is Not Ready In Fortnite

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Players face new issues every day in Fortnite, and they have no idea how to deal with them. The main reason behind these bugs and error messages is the number of recent Fortnite updates. These updates featured new content, but they were released quickly, so developers didn’t have the time to remove these bugs.

One such error is “content not ready,” which means that all your save the world game files aren’t installed correctly. You won’t be able to play the game until you resolve this issue, as it happens when you try to access the game.

Players can enter their game account but can’t go further, like joining a party or checking their friends’ lists. If you tap on the “Continue” button, the game will start downloading save the world content, but you don’t have to waste your data as you have already downloaded it. You can follow the below guide to get rid of this issue and enjoy your game bug-free.

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Guide to Resolve the “Save The World Content Not ready” Issue For PS4, XBOX and PC

You need to restart the Epic games launcher by double-clicking on the icon for this method to work. Go to the library section to view all the available games in the launcher and search Fortnite using the search bar. Click on the Fortnite game to view the options menu and tap on three dots and the bottom right corner of the menu.

Go to the Options section and check the box that says “Fortnite save the world.” Apply these settings and restart the game to enjoy the killing season from a new perspective. The check box also shows information about the Save the world file, including the size, so check the box carefully.

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