How to Find the Compass in Subnautica Aurora

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Subnautica compass is a crafted piece of equipment which is fabricated using the fabricator. It basically is the compass so hence it is what a compass is a navigational device. And once the compass is fabricated it falls in the paper doll UI.

The article here explains you everything there is related to the compass in SubNautica. Covering the topics like How to use the compass in SubNautica and what happens when the SubNautica compass is not working. Which way is north and other directions in Subnautica?

How to Get the Compass in Subnautica?

Subnautica Lifepod 3

The compass is found on your trip to Lifepod 3. The blueprint for the compass is found in the databox which is inside Lifepod 3. After getting the blueprints the next step is to fabricate them in the Fabricator so a compass is ready to use. it’s an easy way to get a compass.

Compass is found

Fabricating the Compass Subnautica

The compass can be found in the fabricator once you found its chip from the databox (As mentioned in the article above).

Fabricating the Compass Subnautica

  • 1X Copper wire
  • 1X Wiring Kit

Fabricating the Compass Subnautica 1

Fabricated it with these two things in the fabricator.

Subnautica Compass Features

Because it helps the player in knowing and understanding locations it is used for the following purposes

  • Keeping tracks of the salvaged area
  • Navigation with the Seaglide

This is what you expect from the compass let’s be honest.

How to Use the Compass in Subnautica?

The compass is shown at the top middle of the screen i.e., your HUD under the depth meter. So, it is fairly easy to spot it. And it will be shown there as soon as you fabricate it.

Using the Compass

Using the Compass 1

How to Check Direction Compass in Subnautica

The images shown below show the different directions like Which way north and south.

Compass North Directions:

Compass North

Compass South Directions:

Compass South

Compass West Directions:

Compass West

Compass East Directions:

Compass East

Well, that’s it from this article on How to fabricate the compass and everything to know about it. I’ll see you in the next article and as usual, queries are welcomed, and tell us about your gaming experience in the comment section.

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