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Just like a Seamoth this is a small, versatile, rapid, and very flexible tool that will help you greatly in your exploration. Seamoth comes in very handy when you need to just see your surroundings before you go on about your expedition.

This is a pretty handy scoping device. This houses an Omni-directional propulsion system which allows rapid travel in a single (well Omni figures right) direction hence easing transportation to long distances maximum speed being 11.25 m/s.

Now, Before you fabricate your Seamoth you must collect the required blueprints. Usually, the blueprints are found in the Kelp Forest Biome fairly near to your Lifepod. When we were exploring the wrecks of aurora The Seamoth Bay was a location we came across. If you have read the previous article you would know that a Seamoth module MK1 was found there.

The Mobile Vehicle Blueprint & Fabricate

Mobile Vehicle Bay is a manufacturing unit to creates vehicles in Subnautica. So in order to create the Seamoth, we first have to assemble the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

Mobile Vehicle Blueprint

Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments are found in the Kelp Forest lying on the seabed (Near your LifePod).

Mobile Vehicle Blueprint 1

Mobile Vehicle Blueprint 2

Some boxes are covered by obstacles (Say seaweed) so don’t skip them. We have to scan three fragments in order to get the blueprints of the mobile vehicle bay. Once you collect the three fragments and obtain the blueprint you have to fabricate it in the fabricator.

Mobile Vehicle Blueprint 3

Apart from these blueprints, you will need the following items too to fabricate it.

  • 1X Titanium Ingot
  • 1X Lubricant
  • 1x Power cell

Each and every of the above-mentioned three items are obtained from the fabricator.

Mobile Vehicle Fabricate

Once you obtain the items fabricate the mobile vehicle bay and deploy it underwater. The deployment will be done by binding the mobile vehicle bay to your hot bar.

Mobile Vehicle Fabricate 1

It contains 4 drones at its base so once deployed it will float towards the top and unveil itself. On its unfolding, it will allow the player to manufacture things such as the Cyclops, Seamoth, and some other late-game items.

Mobile Vehicle Fabricate 2

Now once the mobile vehicle bay has been fabricated you will now proceed to create the Seamoth.

Mobile Vehicle Fabricate 3

How to Make Seamouth Module And Fabrication

Similar to the Mobile Vehicle bay the blueprints of the Seamoth are also obtained from the 3 fragments scattered throughout the Grassy Plateau Biomes. Finding them is a tad bit challenging but it is not that hard.

Seamouth Fabrication

The differentiating feature of the fragments is the blue and white stripes of the body. So this makes your job a little bit easier. Make sure to see in the red seaweed and different obvious obstacles. Once you find the fragments scan them for the blueprints.

Seamouth Fabrication 1

Seamouth Fabrication 2

Just like the Mobile Vehicle Bay had some other items needed for its fabrication.

  • 1X Titanium Ingot
  • 1X Lubricant
  • 1x Power cell
  • 2X Glass
  • 1X Lead

Seamouth Fabrication 3

If you are wondering about power cells these are made in the fabricator with 2X Batteries and 1X Silicone as its ingredients. (If you haven’t thrown away the old batteries you might find them helpful here).

Seamouth Fabrication 4

And as far as Lubricants go you’ll need Creepwine seed clusters to fabricate them.

Seamouth Fabrication 5

Glass is fabricated with quartz as its base material. 2X Quartz gives 1 Glass. Quartz is readily available in the Lost River biome, Grand reef, and dunes biome.

Lead is readily available in the Blood kelp zone. It can also be acquired from the sandstone outcrops too.

Deploy Your Mobile Vehicle Bay

Seamouth Fabrication 5

After you have gathered the ingredients to fabricate your Seamoth deploy your mobile vehicle bay underwater.

Deploy Your Mobile Vehicle Bay 1

The mobile vehicle bay as mentioned having drones will float up to the surface. Climb up to that and follow the instructions your Seamoth will start fabricating midair. Once the fabrication of the Seamoth is completed it will fall into the water.

Deploy Your Mobile Vehicle Bay 2

Deploy Your Mobile Vehicle Bay 3

There you go you have your Eeamoth fabricated. The fabrication process is simple but many of the initial gamers don’t know that they need the mobile vehicle bay to fabricate the Seamoth.

Deploy Your Mobile Vehicle Bay 4

The mobile vehicle bay is fabricated in the fabricator which in turn fabricates the Seamoth. Collecting the materials is a tad bit time-consuming. That’s it for the Seamoth then.

Deploy Your Mobile Vehicle Bay 5

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