How To Find Food And Water in Subnautica

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The foremost task that you would be doing after getting out of your Lifepod is finding your daily necessities which are Food and Water.

Many people face the problem of finding Food and Water in the Subnautica game. S0, We are providing to complete guide to getting Bladderfish, Water, and Food.

How to Collect Water and Bladderfish

Well, there is a whole sea at your foot, drink as much as you want (terrible joke). But seriously one of the easiest tasks is finding water in SubNautica.

bladderfish subnautica

The means by which you will obtain water is “The Bladderfish”. Bladdy is one of the most versatile raw materials. She is used to fabricating food, water, air bladder, and energy.

Gradually with time you’re your meters for food and water will start decreasing from 100 to 0 so start gathering lots of Bladderfish as soon as you get out of the Lifepod. To be honest there are hoards and hoards of them just outside our Lifepod. The popular locations(biomes) are Safe Shallows and Grand Reef.

Bladdy isn’t friendly and to be fair she is a baddy in every sense but because she is a fatty she isn’t that hard to catch (BaDjOke). Bladdy is diurnal in nature meaning she is only active during the day so it makes sense to catch them after the sun sets as they are as good as immobile after that. Though you can catch them anytime.

Eating the fish raw will restore 15 points of oxygen and this is generally a strategy used in survival modes.

You will have other sources of water later in the game but at the beginning the only source of water right now is the bladder fish. Collect the Bladderfish and collect them in a bunch as ones or twos want to suffice(as you want to create food as well). Bring it to your fabricator and fabricate it. One Bladderfish gives you 6oz of water (+20 H2O).

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Food in SubNautica

As for the question How to find food in SubNautica, For the primary stage in the game the thing that you will be eating a lot is yeah you guessed it It is ‘Fish’.

Fishes are your source of water as well as the source of your food. When it comes to food the Bladderfish isn’t the only option that you have. The place where you have landed is a place filled with edible fish.

There’s the  Holefish, the Boomerang fish, the Hoopfish, and the Garryfish. Then there is the Peeper. Peepers out of all the fishes have the highest nutrient value (See table for further information).

Fish Food Content Water Content Energy Value
Bladderfish 16 4 210
Holefish 21 3 280
Boomerangfish 21 3 280
Hoopfish 23 3 210
Garryfish 13 5 420
PEEPER 32 5 320
  • Bladderfishfish

bladderfish subnautica

  • Holefish

holefish subnautica

  • Boomerangfish

Boomerang subnautica

  • Hoopfish

Hoop subnautica

  • Garryfish

Garry subnautica

  • Peeperdish

Peeper subnautica

So, when it comes to food peepers are your best choice whereas the Bladderfish should be mainly used to get filtered water. Peepers are often considered the mascots of SubNautica.

Some Tips to Get fast food

A very common mistake that early gamers make is that they fabricate food unnecessarily. The thing with fabricated food (for the case of fish) is that it starts rotting as soon as it gets fabricated so you have to eat it almost immediately.

Fish can be stored in your Storage compartment once you catch it from the water and will not rot for a long while (will never rot) in there as it stays alive but once it gets fabricated it will start rotting. Henceforth cook what you need to eat.

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