How to Find Floating Island in Subnautica – Map, Location and Coordinates

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Heyy are you looking for the find Floating Island in Subnautica game with the Map, Location, and Coordinates? We are helping you to find Island step by step.

In all actuality everything we’ve done up until now had to do with us familiarizing with the game, getting to know what the game actually is. Creating a base, gaining a transportation means, etc. Now after we are through with the basics the real game starts.

And to be completely honest treat this article as just a walkthrough nothing more nothing less as there might be instances where I myself would not have explored the surroundings to the fullest or there might have been just a spot missed by us and well that might turn out to be unique to you.

So after we build the Seamoth the first terrain we will be exploring is the Floating Island. This is the first above sea level expedition that you’ll undergo in the game. The main reason you need to explore floating island first is that it holds the key to unlocking your ability to farm food for your own. This will then again reduce your need for bottled water.

The Floating Island Location & Coordinates

At first, when you’ll have a look around, you won’t notice any trace of an island nearby. So, look at the picture below.

The floating island is located to the right-hand side of where the wreck of Aurora is. You’ll see a cloud cluster touching the horizon. That cluster is immobile and is not going anywhere. That’s the place where the floating island is located.

Wreck of Aurora

Essentials For The Trip To The Floating Island

Now as you have progressed into the game you need to be a little more aware of your resources or the places you will wander on. Hence you need to be well prepared for any expedition you make.

As the island is roughly a mile away (1200m) reaching it isn’t as time-consuming but scouting it might take some time. As it is an island food and water is not much of an issue but keeping some edibles with you is not the worst idea (at least keep some bottled water with you). You won’t have your fabricator with you. Hence medkits are essential (Keep a minimum of 4 with you).

Essentials For The Trip To The Floating Island

These are some of the other important things you should keep with you during the expedition.

  • Handheld Scanner: Well, got to scan those blueprints
  • Survival Knife: In order to farm your food and gather important stuff
  • Flashlight: There are some dark places so you might need a flashlight. And when you are bringing a flashlight, it does not hurt to bring back up batteries too
  • Repair Tool: (Optional)
  • Beacon: To put up a navigation mark for the future.

And REMEMBER to KEEP YOUR INVENTORY EMPTY apart from these things don’t bring with you excess stuff.

How Travelling to the Floating Island

After assembling the essentials hop on to your Seamoth and march towards the floating island. The cloud meeting the horizon is your direction.

Travelling to the Floating Island

As you approach near the island will be hazily visible.

island will be hazily visible

Once you see it clearly drive up to an identifiable beach landing. Well, you have arrived at the floating island.

arrived at the floating island

Looking back, you can see the wrecks of Aurora (It’s massive) and besides that, you can see your LifePod icon too.

arrived at the floating island 1

Now it’s time to explore the island 🙂.

This is all there is for this article. Leave suggestions and any questions regarding the same or the quality of the content in the comment box.

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