How to Create And Add a Bioreactor to your Subnautica Seabase

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A bioreactor is a machine that converts any biological material into power that can be used in your seabase. A bioreactor acts as an infinite source of power as long as it is fed with something.

We are helping you to Create and Add a Bioreactor to your seabase. So, you are following the article and creating easily.

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Finding the Bioreactor Fragments

The fragments are scattered in the grassy plains’ biome and that too abundantly. The fragments are huge so it is easy to spot them.

Bioreactor Fragments

The bioreactor blueprints have already been introduced to you if you have made the seamoth. There are four fragments of the bioreactor essential to make it. The images have been shown below.

Finding the Bioreactor Fragments

Finding the Bioreactor Fragments 1

Fabricating Of the Bioreactor

After acquiring the fragments it’s now time to fabricate the bioreactor. Know that it can only be fabricated at the center of a Multipurpose room.

Fabricating Of the Bioreactor

The recipe of the Bioreactor is 1xWiring Kit, 3xTitanium, and 1X Lubricant. (Along with the fragments). It is fabricated by the Habitat builder. Go to the construction tab in your habitat builder and locate the Bioreactor. With the required ingredients tap on the construct.

Fabricating Of the Bioreactor 1

Fabricating Bioreactor

There you go, you have your Bioreactor ready.

Powering Up the Bioreactor

Although the bioreactor has been constructed the screen will show that it is inactive. That is because the reactor tank is empty. It can also be seen through the viewing windows.

Bioreactor console inactive

Go into the bioreactor console, organic items (flora and fauna) can be loaded into the Bioreactor tank. After the loading has been done the bioreactor console screen now indicates active status. Also, you can see the reactor tank full of green biofuel.

Bioreactor console active

Fabricating Bioreactor 3

Some Important Information About the Bioreactor

The inventory grid available is a 4×4 grid in which you can place your organic items. Note that items once placed cannot be removed.

The bioreactor produces 1 energy every 1.2 seconds (simple math’s 50 per minute). The maximum limit of a bioreactor is 500 units.

Only one species of plantation flora and one fauna cannot be used in a bioreactor. These are Spiked horn fish and cuddlefish.

Also, silicon rubber cannot be placed in the bioreactor. The bioreactor can also process animal matters like fat, muscles, eggs, etc.) and also some organic waste products.

Well, that’s it for the How to Add Bioreactor in your Subnautica Seabase. As usual queries are appreciated in the comment section and tell us more about your experiences regarding this game.

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