How To Build An Aquatic Farm In Subnautica

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Hlw gamers, Are you don’t know how to build an Aquatic Farm in Subnautica game so we are a guide you on how to build it.

If you remember while exploring the Floating Islands, we came across something called the Exterior Growbed. Since the game is based underwater, the Exterior Growbed will help you farm underwater.

Aquatic Plants can be grown underwater using the Exterior Growbed. But this doesn’t mean that the exterior Growbed cannot be used on the surface. You can also use the Exterior Growbed on the surface too.

Fabricating the Exterior Growbed

The Exterior Growbed takes up only 2x Titanium to fabricate. Note that it takes half the titanium required in comparison to the interior Growbed. In addition to it, it has 24 slots which are 50% more than in the Interior Growbed.

Fabricating the Exterior Growbed

Placing the Exterior Growbed is fairly simple. The only prerequisite is a flat surface. Check for orientation by clicking [] (Square bracket keys) for controllers the buttons may vary.

The Exterior Growbed 1

Place it when the hologram turns green (well you can’t actually place it unless it turns green).  But once Aquatic Fram turns green it means you can place it in that particular position and orientation.

The Exterior Growbed 2

Once fabricated it follows the same set of rules as for the Interior Growbed and Plant pots. Click on the Exterior Growbed to access the planter inventory and place the samples and seeds of the plants that you want to farm.

Growing plants in the Exterior Growbed

Below I have shown you some images of the plants grown on the Exterior Growbed.

For Creepvine the planting material decides the growing dynamics. It means that Creepvine formed from seed clusters will form seed clusters and ones made of a Creepwine sample will not. The image shown clarifies that.

Growing plants

Many gamers have also built Exterior Growbed on the surface too. The picture shown below confirms it. Gamers do that so they can increase productivity and to be honest it provides an aesthetic feel too.

Growing plants 2

All though most of the plants they grow on this Exterior Growbed are terrestrial plants. The main reason is Aesthetics and Appearance. The terrestrial plants glow in the dark and it is a sight to behold.

Growing plants 1

Well, you can design your own Aquatic Farm as you like. It completely depends on your creativity.

If you have any questions about Build An Aquatic Farm, please leave them in the comments section. We are always happy to help.

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