Exploring the Wreckage Behind Lifepod 17 in Subnautica

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The expedition to Lifepod 17 leads you to this gigantic piece of wreckage. Note that this wreckage is also part of the Aurora explosion.

Its exploration is a very tricky task but the things that it contains are pure gold and it is one to not miss out on. It contains loads of important blueprints. It is one of the best wrecks in Subnautica. Because the items found in this wreck are non-repetitive and new.

The wreckage is so huge that you will end up with the entire blueprints of the below-mentioned materials as well as many other things too. Below listed are the things that you have to look out for in the wreckage.

  • Propulsion Cannon
  • Laser Cutter
  • Floodlight
  • Picture Frame
  • Bench
  • Command Chair
  • Battery Charger
  • Modification Station

But before you plan to explore the damn thing make sure that it is one of the trickiest explorations that you will be undertaking throughout the games and if you think I am kidding see the Reddit reviews.

It is fairly simple to get inside the wreckage that lies behind Lifepod 17 but getting out of it is a very confusing task. Many people make additional oxygen arrangements before exploring the wreckage.

Also, make sure that you bring a repairing tool with you. Laser cutters are often not required but if you have the space, you can bring it with you.

Openings in the Wreck

There are two openings through which you can get in Wreck.

Seamoth Parked Near Opening

One is at the face of your seamoth (as shown in the picture). The other one is on the top center part of the wreck.

two openings wreck

top side opening

Now as I said earlier that many people make additional oxygen arrangements, so it is better to deploy a floating air pump above the wreckage.

Pick Up Wreck

Also, make sure that the pipes are running all the way down to the inside of the wreckage. This will help you not get irritated. Because you won’t have to swim to your seamoth time and again.

O2 tank wreck

Remember you only have 225 O2. One approach you can take is that you should not go deeper than half of your tank limit. This will help you know how much deep you are.

Exploring the Wreckage

Now, As soon as you enter the first opening you will find the Command chair and the battery charger fragment. The images below show how they look like.

Battery Charger Fragment Scan Wreck

Looking further in the same area you will also come across a Propulsion Cannon fragment. It will be hidden in a crate.

Propulsion Cannon Fragment wreck

Walk towards the other room. This next room contains a load of fragments and they are lying around randomly, the fragments are of

  • Battery Charger

Battery Charger Fragments Wreck

  • Modification station

Modification Station Fragment 3

Prawn Suit Fragment Scan Wreck

Prawn Suit Fragment Wreck

  • Laser cutter

Laser Cutter Fragment Wreck

It is important to note that except for these technical items you can also scan various utility items as well. For example, the bench shown in the image can also be scanned.

You will also find a picture frame when you further explore the wreck so if you want you can scan it too. The frame allows you to frame screenshots that you have taken in-game.

For you to fabricate a Modification station you’ll need to scan three pieces of it. But it will not be an issue because there is a lot of them lying around.

Modification Station Wreck 1

Similar to the Modification system, the Propulsion cannon also requires 3 pieces of blueprints, and again there’s a lot lying around (They are found inside of a crate though).

Modification Station Fragment Wreck

Now as you know that I had mentioned you to bring your repair took with you when you start the exploration.

Repair Door Wreck

It was because there are some doors in the wreckage that might not open without reparation. One such is the door shown in the image.

Repair Door Wreck 1

Repair Door Wreck 2

So, repair it with your repair tool (After reparation it will signal 2 green lights which means it has been repaired and can be opened).

Repair Door Wreck 3

Repair Door 4

The room contains a PDA containing the testimonials of Alterra Citizen. The Alterra Corporation, or simply Alterra, is a Trans-Gov that funded Aurora’s mission to construct a phase gate in the Ariadne Arm and owns 9% of phase gates within the galaxy. If you look closely most of the machines in SubNautica have their logo.

Abandoned PDA Wreck

Databank Entry Wreck

The floodlight is another important piece of equipment whose blueprint you can scan.

Floodlight Scan Wreck

Floodlight Wreck

More Information on the acquired blueprints

The recipe for command chair is just 1x Titanium and it gets built by the Habitat builder.

The battery charger is built in the habitat builder. The materials required for it are

  • 1xTitanium
  • 1xCopper Wire
  • 1xWiring Set

The battery charger can hold and charge up to four batteries at a time. It uses energy from the cyclops or Seabase.

For the bench all you require is 2XTitanium and its blueprint. Similarly, for photo frames to all you require is a little Titanium.

Below given is the list of all the posters that you can fit in those frames.

  • Natural selections 2 poster
  • Prawn suit poster- Land
  • Prawn suit Poster- Sea
  • Aurora Poster (Coolest of them all)
  • Keep calm poster (A little bit of sass)

wreckpipe subnautica

So, this is it in the section of exploring the wreckage behind Lifepod 17. And this is just basic info that we have provided you. But the primary thing that you have to take care of is while exploring this wreckage is your oxygen levels.

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