Exploring the Grassy Plateaus in Subnautica

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The entire Subnautica map has been bifurcated into different biomes and there are a total of 15 biomes in the entire Subnautica Game. This article here explains one of them which is the Grassy Plateaus biome.

To brief you about it, The Grassy Plateaus is the second shallowest of the biomes and the one that is key for early and mid-game progression. It contains the 2 broken LifePods and some of the best wrecks for blueprints.

Exploring the wreck behind Lifepod 17 is an article covering one such wreck. The defining characteristic of this biome is Blood grass. The whole of the biome is covered with it giving it a rusty red look.

Grassy Plateau Location in the Subnautica Map

It falls under the category of Surface biomes. The coordinates of this biome are -692 -101 -48. You will be traveling to the Grassy Plateau biome for the first time when you will go on an expedition to find the Lifepod 17. The radio message triggers will help you in that.

The main danger from this biome is from Sand sharks and Tiger Plants as early gamers fall prey to them easily.

The temperature ranges from 19 to 27 C. This is a biome that contains a variety of items that will be useful for the game’s progression. Therefore, explore it thoroughly.

How to Get to Grassy Plateaus Subnautica

As already mentioned, the first time you will go to the grassy plateaus’ biome is when you take the trip to explore Lifepod 17.

Grassy Plateaus Location

The radio message trigger will guide you towards it. If you want the coordinates, they are -510-91-45.

Grassy Plateaus Location 1

The Wrecks are found in the Grassy Plateaus

Despite only a single Lifepod being found in this biome, there are plenty of wrecks small and large to be explored. One such wreck is the one behind Lifepod 17. This is one of the most important wrecks in the entire game. In total there are 4 large wrecks and 6 Small wrecks found in the Grassy Plateaus.

Large Wrecks Coordinates:

  • -25 -88 -615
  • 320 -66 431
  • -390 -120 648
  • -630 -50 -6
  • -432 -90 -268

Small Wrecks Coordinates:

  • 165 -86 -420
  • 315 -90 215
  • 270 -85 70
  • -370 -100 475
  • -284 -93 606
  • 520 -90 -215

Dangers in Grassy Plateaus Biome

Along with all the useful things found in this biome, there also lurks the danger of scary fauna and poisonous flora as well. Some of the notables include

  • Biter
  • Boomerang
  • Floater
  • Hoop fish
  • Peeper
  • Refback Leviathan
  • Reginald
  • Sand Shark
  • Shoal of Fish
  • Spadefish

Out of the given fauna, the Sand Shark is the one to be wary of.  Cooked and cured Reginald has the highest amount of food for any fauna. Below are their images.

Well, that’s all on the grassy plateaus’ biome and it’s all up to you on how you explore it now. So, see you soon with a different article in this amazing game series.

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