Exploring the Floating Island in Subnautica

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Now that you have reached the floating island it’s time to start exploring the wilderness. Make sure that you’ve got all the tools to Explore the floating island.

Floating Island Tools 

Important items that should not be failed to collect from the Floating Islands Exporing. Below is the list of items and how to find them.

  • Blueprints for the Seabase
  • Blueprint of the Multipurpose Room
  • Blueprints for the Indoor Growbed
  • Blueprints for the exterior Growbed
  • Samples of the edible plants
  • Miscellaneous helpful treasures
  • Various other blueprints (This can be done by taking a separate trip too)

Note: That’s it. These are the must-haves that you should collect before leaving the island.

Getting the Blueprints for the Seabase

These abandoned Seabases were built by the survivors of the Degrassi (Degasi was a Mongolian ship manned by six personnel that crashed a decade ago).

Blueprints for the Seabase

There is a total of three Seabases one of which is found on the center of the island. The other two are found on the two mountains of the floating island. Hence it is not that hard to locate them.

Blueprints for the Seabase 2

To get to the mountain top you need to follow the left fork along the dirt path near the beach. The path will diverge again on two different roads. Each road will lead you to either mountain top.

To reach the seabase located centrally take the right fork along the same dirt path near the beach. (If you don’t know what a fork is it is a diversion, an interjection where two roads divert).

An abandoned farm can be found near a naturally made land bridge. This farm was cultivated by Bart Torgal (owner of the ship Degrassi). The farm contains Chinese potato plants and Marblemelon.

Getting the Blueprints of the Multipurpose Room

The multipurpose room is a cylindrical, drum-shaped module. The interior is octagonal in shape. It is comparatively larger than the I-Compartment and similar compartments.

Blueprints of the Multipurpose Room

Similar to the interconnection between compartments multipurpose rooms can also be connected but the difference here is they are stacked one upon another and the mobility between them is provided by ladders.

The point here to note is that every Multipurpose room added to the Seabase reduces its hull integrity by 1.25 so watch out while adding them. So scan the and take a blueprint of it in the scanner to make it later.

Getting the Blueprints of the Interior and Exterior Growbed

Growbeds are items that let you pant flora so you don’t need to go in search of them every now and then. They can be constructed by the Habitat builder. These Growbeds are classified into two categories

Blueprints of the Interior

Exterior Growbed: This allows the player to utilize the farmed materials for manufacturing and personal use. Players often use them to decorate their seabase. The aesthetics of your seabase can be uplifted by the right plantation. One separate use of this Exterior Growbed can be in powering the Bioreactor.

Blueprints of the Interior 1

These Exterior Growbeds, one of them is found near the Degasi seabase mounted with Chinese potato plant, Small Marblemelon, and Marblemelon.

Blueprints of the Interior 2

Exterior Growbed contains 24 slots meaning it has a capacity to plant 24 flora.

Blueprints Exterior Growbed

Interior Growbed: As the name suggests it allows the player to carry out plantation indoors. Similar to the Exterior Growbed it is also constructed in the Habitat Builder. In contrast to the Exterior Growbed, it has a capacity of 16 slots only.

Blueprints of the Interior 3

The interior Growbed can be found inside the observatory in a different Degasi Seabase. And they are not exclusive to it. They can also be found roaming around. There are a total of six of them lying around on the island.

Blueprints Exterior Growbed 1

The one in the observatory houses a lantern tree, Fern Palm, Grub Basket, Voxel Shrub, and Jaffa cup (Jaffa the cup…. 😉 if you get the ref..)

Important Samples of the Edible Plants

After collecting the Growbeds now it’s time to collect things to grow in them.  Below mentioned are some of the plants that you need to absolutely make sure to get at least a sample of them back to the base.

Make sure you have the survival knife. We mentioned it as essential to bring with you on the trip.

Bulbo Tree: You will need to use the survival knife to harvest the samples (seed) of it. Each individual slash harvests you a single sample. The life of the tree is nine slashes. They are an excellent source of low-effort food as every sample that you harvest homes +8 food and + 10 H20.

Bulbo Tree

The plant takes 1600 seconds to mature. You can plant 4 trees per InteriorGrowbed. The Bulbo tree takes up 2*2 space. Hence 16/4 = 4.

Note: The seeds of the bulbs tree are edible.

Marblemelon: No need for a survival knife for this harvest. You can just pick it up.  One edible fruit uses up 4 slots of your inventory. And provides you with +12 food and +14 H20.


And if you don’t want to take the plant as a whole slash it with your survival knife. This will give you four Marblemelon seeds which occupy one inventory space. You can then later plant them on your Growbed.

For the same amount of time the Bulbo trees will provide you with 288 FOOD and 360 Water whereas the Marblemelon gives you 288 FOOD and 336 water. Hence for the same time period, you receive an increased 7.14% more water from the Bulbo tree making it a tad bit convenient not to mention the edibility of the seeds.

The bulbo tree and the Marblemelon provide the same 420 energy to the bioreactor.

Chinese Potato: Just like regular potatoes these also have poor water output and hence are mainly used to replenish your food bar. They don’t require a survival knife to harvest as the only way to harvest them is by picking them as a whole.

Chinese Potato

Lantern Fruit: Similar to the Chinese potato these are also a poor source of water but an excellent source of Food. The main advantage is that they only need to be planted once. It gives out a ton of produce and you don’t need to worry about the farming work anytime soon. Plus, the added aesthetics make it pleasing to the eye.

Lantern Fruit

Jaffa cup: It can be found on the floating island near the observatory. It is an indoor plant (because it adds to nothing but the looks). Also known as the orange Mushroom, Its seeds can be harvested via slashing from the survival knife.

Jaffa cup

Similar other plants are the Fern palm, Voxel scrub, etc.

Miscellaneous Valuable Loot

Make sure to get these items too apart from the blueprints and the plant samples. These are handy items and will be useful throughout the course of the game.

Ultra Glide Fins


Ultra Glide Fins: It is found in the Degasi Seabases and all though it requires the Modification station to be fabricated it is a thing worth holding in to.

Ultra Glide Fins 1

Purple Tablet: One of the first alien tablets to be found. There are a total of seven tablets found in the game. Out of which one is found on the Degasi Seabase. These tablets are used to access sanctuary caches and to unlock certain doors that you will know as the game progresses.

Purple Tablet

Various other Blueprints

Observatory: The observatory is something that you can use to monitor the ocean and its life forms. It is a good idea to build it outside the water. As building it inside will sabotage the hull integrity tremendously.


It is something that does not have a functional use beyond just plain sightseeing. If you’ve got time on your hands build it to enjoy the view. It is counted as its own separate biome in-game.

inside Observatory

The recipe includes 2X Enameled glass, Titanium, and blueprints. Use it with a builder and you are set.

Spotlight: It is an external ornament. This is used to increase your visibility for things. It turns at a 180-degree angle. It is an external ornament that has to be placed on a foundation or a seabase. The light coming out from it will follow any fauna near your vicinity if you are in its vicinity.


It uses energy. Each spotlight consumes 12 energy every minute.

Spotlight Scanning

The recipe involves 1x Enameled glass, 2x Titanium, and the blueprints along with the builder.

Make sure to look carefully as it is small and fairly easy to miss.

Bulkhead: It is a structure that helps reinforce dome lost hull integrity. But mind you it does not add a whole lot. It increases the hull integrity by +3 units.


It is found near or in the Degasi seabase. To use it click RMB and select bulkhead and the placement will be confirmed by a green ghost model. Place it at a suitable place.

The recipe involves 3x Titanium, 1x Silicone Rubber, and the blueprints in the builder. And there you are, all set.

Wall planter: Just for the looks. You can’t actually plant anything on the wall planter. It’s just a green wallpaper and can be constructed in the habitat builder. Multiple wall planters can be found in the abandoned Degasi Seabase.

Wall Planter

The recipe includes 1x Titanium and the blueprint in the builder.

Desk and chair:  Creating your own personal office space. It is created by the Habitat builder, Scanning the blueprints will help you acquire them. The blueprints can be found in the wrecks or the Degasi Seabase.


The recipe includes 1x Titanium and the blueprints in the builder.


Thus, these are the essentials or the must-haves that you should garner from your trip to the explore Subnautica floating island.

Note: Belove provided is a checklist of things that have been mentioned above. Make sure you have them all.

checklist floting island

  • Bulbo Tree Sample
  • Marblemelon Seed
  • Purple Tablet
  • Lantern Fruit
  • Chinese Potato

Deploy the Beacon

Deploy the Beacon

Now before leaving Floating Island Exploring page, it is a good idea to deploy a beacon to mark its location for future references. A beacon is a deployable item crafted in the fabricator. The recipe is 1x Copper ore and 1x Iron ore.

Deploy the Beacon 1

Deploy the Beacon 2

Now when you need to deploy the beacon bind it to your Hotbar. Activate it underwater to release it. It will be suspended midwater and hovering on it with the mouse will allow you to rename it.

Deploy the Beacon lifepod

Renaming it is a good idea so as to know its identity. Once the game progresses it will be harder for you to keep tabs on them.

This is all for the floating island Exploring. Hope this made the game a little easy and more enjoyable for you guys. Let us know your queries in the comment section if you have any that is. We at GamerzGorilla will be more than happy to clarify them.

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